Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday Menu November 12th

(Happy Birthday to my brother Dave! If we lived closer, I might of baked you a cake. But, we don't soooo....maybe you can go somewhere to have cake and blow out a candle for us! Love you!)

Only 1 1/2 weeks until our new little one will join us. I am really looking forward to holding this little blessing in my arms.

I am also getting tired of cooking. Actually, I am tired most of the time put any effort into anything is so much work. I can't bend over, I run out of breath quite easily, and my pillow is just way too comforting!

So, thankfully I have a menu planned and I don't have to think much. And, my DH (Papa) is home all week. He loves to more power to ya honey!

Baking: Muffins
  1. Pizza
  2. Bean Soup w/ homemade bread
  3. Mexican: Lentil Tacos
  4. Pasta: Spaghetti & Marinara
  5. Soup: Autumn Harvest Soup
  6. Asian: Terryaki Tofu Bowl w/ brown rice (Edamame)
  7. ???


  1. The Autumn Harvest soup sounds yummy!!
    Great meal plan!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love the asian meal the best :) What a delicious week!!

  3. I plan to try your Autumn Harvest soup...yum!

  4. Looks like a great, healthy week ahead! Yum!


  5. Yummm, as other's have commented, the Autumn Harvest soup looks delicious!

    Happy week!

  6. Your menu sounds very yummy! THanks for posting!

    And congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new little one (This is my first time at your blog). Babies are so much fun, and even though labor and delivery is so hard, I always enjoyed the experience! May the Lord's blessings flow upon you!


  7. I love the new look of your blog. Congratulations on the impending birth of your child. Your menu looks tasty.

  8. You have a great plan for the week. I do hope you can rest. Get all you can before the impending birth of your child. I will keep you in my prayers. Take Care, Trina

  9. We also enjoy our menu's planned ahead. It's made our life so much easier.


  10. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I bet you can't wait to bring your new little one into the world! What a blessing!!

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your dh cooking for you! The lentil tacos sound divine!



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