Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Twisted Day

Have you ever had one of those days in which it seems that almost everything goes wrong?
Well, if you have not than you can read about my day and if you have had one of those days, than you can sympathize and still read about my twisted day too!

The day started out a little twisted. I had to discipline my 5 year old instead of my 2 year old daughter. Usually, we have had issues with our typically 2 year old strong-willed daughter. Any of you have one of these in your home?
Today was a little different in that, she awoke sweetly and was rather pleasant. However, something got into my 5 year old and bottom-boom I had to deal with her. Our first twist in the day.

I know you are thinking---so?
Just hang in gets more exciting, I promise. We haven't reached the climax yet.

The girls and I set out for the day to a Home School Group gathering at a local gymnastics place. It was an open play for the girls to bounce, jump, climb ropes, etc. They loved it and it was great for them to get exercise and work out all their energy.

However, near the end of the event, I was walking next to Sophia as she walked on the balance beam and I somehow stepped wrong off of the padded mat and twisted my ankle and my 8 month pregnant body landing (rolling) on the floor. (Now, I was not on the balance beam---just next to it). It was not a long fall or anything of that sort. Thankfully, I was surrounded by bounce and give and padded mats. Though, my ankle was screeching in pain. There was no way I was to help Sophia off the beam. She was able to jump off and help mommy to safety. We limped out of there---without anyone really noticing. I came home and put my ankle up---but, I was in a lot of pain. I called the Doctor and was able to get in to see him. There were X-rays done (no clear breaks!) and I ended up coming from the Doctor with a foot boot, crutches, and pain medication. It looks like I have to keep my feet up for a week or so..... I have a severe ankle sprain. The kind that take a long...long...long time to heal. Ugh!
This was twist number two...literally twisted!

And, the ooey gooey part of the day? If you are eating anything delightful or have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip reading this part. Just a kind warning.

As most of you know, we have been slowly potty training Lydia. She is a piece of work I tell ya. She is definitely not as easy as Sophia was to train. However, we are sticking with it.
Lydia went poop in the potty today --which was great! We clapped and shouted words of praise and hoorays. I thought she was done since she went poo and sat on the toilet for about 5 minutes or more. I told her to go to our room (where the diaper changing station is located) and get a pull-up diaper. She ran back to our bedroom and obviously got side tracked...a minute later she came running down the hallway dripping of poop-- a LOT of drippings of poop dribbling down her leg. "Mama, Icky poo poos! Icky poo poos!"
Uck! She went poop again within a matter of a few minutes! This was not just a little poop either. It was a disasterous catastrophic poop! I quickly walk (limp) her to the bathroom and put her in the tub and turn on the water. I then go to clean up dribbles of poop all along the hallway and find it leading back to our bedroom. And, behold there lie the large pile of poo next to the changing table. Good grief, how much could a 26lb 2 year old hold in her tummy!? After washing the floors and then taking on the nasty poop all over Lydia. I thought we were done with it all, when she wanted to "show mama poo"! I thought she was leading me to the pile on the floor in our bedroom....but no, there was more! There on one of my bed pillows and the the floor next to it, was a goo of poo!
"Icky poo poo Mama!"
"Um, yes.....very icky poo poo Lydia!"

Twisted! Just twisted!


  1. I'm sorry but I am laughing so hard right now about the icky poo!

  2. Oh wow. I hated to ask too much today when I saw you, so I figured I would check out your blog instead. I am so sorry about everything! I can totally sympathize with the poop thing. Can I do anything to help you out?


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