Friday, September 07, 2007

Little Life Lessons

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ raisins.

Lydle Daisy decided not to eat but rather play with her breakfast. As she was playing with her oatmeal, I told her to stop playing, otherwise she will be done. She stopped for a moment to look and listen to mom's lecture and then looked back at her bowl. Sure enough, holding her spoon in one hand, she used her empty hand to grab a big glob of oatmeal goo and smear it on her hair. So, that was it.
Being a good Mommy and following through with my threat,
I took off her tray, carried her to our shower, turned on the shower spray and sprayed her oatmeal covered hair, clothes, and all! She did not like it one bit....but too bad....Mommy said no playing and Mommy is NOT feeling very good to be patient with any disobedience.

Lesson learned: Don't use oatmeal as a means of conditioning your hair unless you enjoy taking showers with your breakfast and clothes on!


  1. Are you sure she wasn't trying to apply it as a facial mask? Maybe she just has really bad aim. Or perhaps poor timing.

  2. I'd go with the facial mask theory - oatmeal's meant to be really good for the skin!


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