Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stew Cheese Melt

Sophia has been watering the garden for Papa when he is away. In the midst of her watering time, she discovered some zucchini that was ripen for harvest. So she gracefully picked the zucchini as well as three yellow grape tomatoes and proceeded inside to the kitchen. With her scrumptious goods, she began to create. Into a bowl she squeezed her three tomatoes to make "tomato juice" and then cut up the zucchini in circles and placed them into the bowl as well. She came outside to ask me about adding some cheese to her creation. Remembering as a child the fond memories of how I loved to create and cook in the kitchen (my mom so graciously allowed me), I could not resist her the opportunity and said yes. She grabbed cheese as well as some salad dressing and tortillas. She cut the cheese, poured a little dressing in, and tore some tortillas to place on top. Walla, she had her creation. She came out excitedly to ask me to cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Um, I think we had better just start with a minute.
Sophia was very happy with her newly created meal.
"Momma, I made lunch for all of us! It is going to be delicious! Let me serve you! Yes?"
Being the good Momma (squirming inside), "Sure honey! That would be nice!"
Oh, Lord please let this taste somewhat decent and please don't let me gag or throw up anywhere near her!
With a huge grin, she dished up our plates with her creation. "Momma, this is called Stew Cheese Melt"
"Oh, Wow it looks delicious!"
Thank you Lord, I got mostly cheese on my plate!
I was very surprised that it tasted pretty good. The combination of the ingredients was actually not bad. It could of have been worse; she could have put zucchini with fruit snacks and marshmellows.

So for those that are itching for the recipe. (Though, I recommend you hire a 4 1/2 year old child--ahem Chef-- wearing a pink checkered chef hat and a princess dress to make it for you. )

Stew Cheese Melt
1 medium zucchini freshly harvested from the garden and sliced into circles using a plastic knife.
3 yellow grape tomatoes freshly picked from the vine and squeezed by hand.
3 slices of cheddar cheese cut into chunks using a plastic knife.
A couple splashes of raspberry walnut dressing
1 tortillas tore by hand

Place all in bowl and microwave for a minute. Serve with a huge grin and call it Stew Cheese Melt.


  1. Looks yummy! hehe!

    Have a great day Bella!


  2. She can come cook for us anytime!
    Grandma & Grandpa


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