Sunday, July 01, 2007

Give Us Our Daily (Crusted) Bread!

So, your Mama and Grandmama always told you "Eat your crust, it is the best part". Of course, you always believe your Mama, right?
Recently, I have been told that Mama might not have been right after all. What?
It seems that now there is debate as to whether the crust is really nutritious or not. Are the kids going to win in their strike against the crust?

Some say NO bread is NOT nutritious:
The outer part of the bread cooks faster which makes it the crust and that cooks all the nutrients out of it. Because of that fact, the inner part of the bread stays packed with its vitamins and contrary to what everyone else is saying, the yeast does not move to the outer part of the bread.


Some say YES, it is:
Science Daily says
The best thing since sliced bread may be bread crust: Researchers in Germany have discovered that the crust is a rich source of antioxidants and may provide a much stronger health benefit than the rest of the bread.

Well, Smuckers came out with a product Uncrustables to help simplify parents lives by cutting the crust off for them. It's a prepackaged peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust already removed! Now, I know it's temptuously easy to just purchase a prepackaged food item, but come on - how long does it take to make a PB&J sandwich and to cut off the crusts (if you give in to your child's desire for no crust sammies)?

Then, to make lives even more simplified, Sara Lee came out with a bread without crust! However, it costs quite a bit more than regular bread with crust, but hey those 10 seconds count when making a PB&J...right? What happens to the left over bread crumbs? Croutons?

Here is one's opinion on the matter, that I think is hilarious but true!

Kids don't like to finish their milk or eat their peas. They've been pushing food around on their plates for generations. So what? Giving in to tantrums doesn't simplify life. Today it's crust, tomorrow it's staying up an extra hour. What's next? Where do you draw the line?

Line-drawing is hard duty. That's why parents got the job. Think back: Did your mother let you cover your dinner with chocolate sauce? Buying crustless bread is the moral equivalent of allowing your child to pour Hershey's syrup all over their broccoli. It's pandering to keep peace. It's taking the easy way out. It's giving in and giving up.

Whatever happened to, "I'm the parent; you're the child. Crust (and broccoli) is good for you. Eat it. Why? Because I say so, that's why." Tad Bartimus

Well, many may not be a big fan of "The Crust", but I am! I am pro-crust! It has to have some nutrition still, right Mama? I think I will stick with listening to my Mama and eat my crust. And, yes my children will learn to eat what is on their plates--including crust! I am all for simplifying my life, but a homemade nutritious sprouted grain brain smeared with natural Peanut Butter and Strawberry preserves (Goobers?) will be worth the time to make for my family!


  1. WHAT! You're serving peanut butter and jam BRAIN to my darling granddaughers?!?!?!
    (Check your last sentence)

  2. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Amen!!!! Because I am the Mom. We are training them to listen to God. Do not ask why just do it because I asked you to I would not ask you to harm yourself or do wrong! How often I say that one at my house. How much easier would thier little lives be if they would just listen the first time and mine too for that matter! A life long learning process I guess.Love to you all. Christina Ward

  3. Jessica E.10:03 AM

    Those "convenient" Uncrustables, take 30 minutes to be ready after you take them out of the freezer.


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