Thursday, July 19, 2007

Every Girl's Dream---more of Anne Shirley!

Anne of Green Gables! It was a childhood treasure and still today a treasure in my heart. I love the books (Read them all once). And, I am currently reading the first book to my daughter Sophia. And, the movies were fantastic! I have actually asked for the movie set (or even just one of them would be sufficient) for the past, oh I don't know seven Christmas Seasons, and well, I have yet to receive them. I have given up writing them on my list.

So in speaking about Anne of Green Gables, an author of which I frequently visit her blog and read her work, Sally Clarkson (Whole Heart Ministries); her daughter Joy is vying for the opportunity to audition for the role of a young Anne Shirley in a new Anne of Green Gables Prequel movie! (How sweet is that!?)

You should go to Sally's blog and read all about her daughter Joy's opportunity to audition for a new Anne of Green Gables prequel movie by Sullivan Entertainment. (More of Anne, more of Anne ---I am so excited!)
Here is Joy's Audition tape at YouTube. She needs your vote! Go check it out and give her a positive rating and comment! I think she did pretty darn great compared to all of the other audition tapes that I viewed. Splendid!

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