Monday, June 11, 2007

Training Day

This year Lydia has successfully made it from her crib to her big girl bed...and did very well.
This week Lydia has been without her Nuk for about 3 days...and it has been hard. We had a farewell party for her Nuks. I cut the nips and when she placed them in her mouth, she knew something wasn't right. So, I said, "Uh oh. The Nuk is broken Lydia" So we put them all in a baggy and she placed them in the garbage can. Sophia, Lydia, and I said "Bye Bye Nuks!" We gave her hugs and comfort. She was very sad. But, not too sad to enjoy a popsicle! Naptimes and Nighttimes have been the toughest, but she seems to be making it through moment by moment.

Tomorrow, Lydia will begin the next big step in her life career. Potty Training! It is Training Day! Mama has her battle gear ready! Just imagine me looking like Denzel Washington ready to help my darling princess conquer the toilet! I have booked two days at home where we will not be going anywhere. We will have cute panties to wear, lots and lots of juice and water and milk to drink, books to read, movies to watch and a fun little potty to sit and do business!
I have an empty clothes washer ready to be used, lots of towels and spray to clean up any accidents! just mental prep time and plenty of rest for Mama! Training Day is a BIG day ya know!

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  1. Good luck with the potty training! Sounds like you have everything ready and a good mindset!


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