Friday, June 15, 2007

Little Lydia

Today she let me hold her for a very long time. She was all cuddled up in my arms and she would just stare at my face. Every once in awhile she would rub her hand on my cheek. We didn't have to say much. Every once in awhile we would say, "I love you". Ah, I just wanted to capture the moment and wrap it up safely in my heart forever!
My sweet Lydia is so precious. She was born on this day 2 years ago. She is my second child also born c-section. This birth was very easy, relaxed, and wonderful!
I was able to hold her right after giving birth. The first thing that I saw was her tiny perfect little nose and pucker lips singing the sweetest "coo" that melted my heart right then and there. I knew she was something special.
Now, two years later, through bumps and bruises, calls to poison control, tantrums, strong will power...Lydia at special times still melts my heart. I am so thankful today that she let me just hold her for awhile. That was so precious to me and just what Mama needed (and what she needed too).
My sweet dear Lydia....I love you and I am so blessed that God created you for me to take care of this little while. I will cherish every day I have to be with you!
Happy Birthday Lydia

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