Thursday, May 31, 2007


Nuk. The infamous Nuk!
It has many names...Noonie, Paci, Plug, Binky...
We call it Nuk.

It is time for Nuk to disappear. However, this is not an easy task.
Lydle loves Nuk with a passion. Nuk is her friend. Nuk is comfort. Nuk is so a part of her (literally).

So, now it comes down to clever brain thinking of the Mama to figure out how to send Nuk on a long, forever extended vacation.

Any ideas?

Today Lydle, instead of taking her nap, walks out of her room carrying a cute little Cinderella purse on her arm stating "all done" (All done to the nap that is).

Mama: Lydle have you been playing?

Lydle: No

Mama: Were you taking your Nap?

Lydle: Yes. All Done

Lydle: (Smile) Ta-Da (Pulls out item from her purse)

Well, what do you think Lydia would carry in her purse? Phone? Lipstick? Hairbrush?
Small Doll?
Of course not....she would only carry the NUK.

Out comes Nuk and POP -into the mouth it goes!

LOL! What to do with you my child? What to do?

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  1. We called ours Binky - and I even scrapbooked a page about "Binky's Last Stand" ... the story of how we got rid of it. A friend told us to try to make a single cut in the very end of the sucker part so that air gets in and out and it doesn't suck correctly anymore. Well, it made this incredibly annoying squeaking sound, like Gennie had swallowed a chew toy, so finally I couldn't take it anymore. I snuck into her room while she was playing elsewhere and cut the entire bulb part off. When she was getting ready for her nap she found it and came out to the front room, cradling it in her hands and said, "Mommy, the head fell off!" I looked it over with much enthusiasm and tried to console her but she wanted Daddy to try and find the head and stick it back on, among a myriad of other ideas to fix it. We finally said we might look for a new one the next time we went to the store but by then she had forgotten about it and didn't mention it anymore. Anyway, good luck! Gennie was fairly easy on us - I've heard of other kids who were much more insistant!


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