Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México: El día Cuatro

Day Four: Friday Oct. 6th

We awoke to a yummy breakfast deliciously made again by Senora Dominguez. We would call Senora Dominguez "Abuela" at times which means "Grandma". She was please with this, because none of her kids were married yet or even were at the potential of having children of their own yet. So, for this brief moment she could be an "Abuela". She served us a special rice drink called Horchata. The girls love it! It is Deliciosa! It is a sweet rice milk and we will be sure to get some to bring with us back to the states. Very yummy!
I wanted to get some shopping in today---it is cheaper to buy things here in Merida then in the more tourist filled portions of Mexico like Cancun. But, before we would go shopping we would go to the Zoo. Ruben had some business to take care of in the morning and he thought it would be nice to see the Zoo for a little entertainment time for the girls. Good idea! Zoos might be Zoos anywhere you go, but the girls love animals and it was free! Abuela drove us to the Zoo and dropped us off. She would pick us up in an hour. She told us about a little train that goes all around the Zoo. We went to the train and boarded the train---only to find out that it takes a ticket to ride. Well, Ric rushed off the train and went to the place to buy tickets for us....which only cost 1 peso....about 10 cents. Ric unfortunatley only had a large bill, so the lady had to break the big bill for our tickets. The train engineer was trying to leave several times, when some nice people ahead of us told him No---we were waiting for Ric. And, another train worker was also telling the engineer to wait. Ric barley made it in time before the engineer left. We took the little ride and it was quaint. It was a fun way to see the animals and not have to walk everywhere.

We got to see giraffes, birds, tigers, bears, etc. and of course a big Hippo! It was huge! Can you believe those animals can run very fast too???
There was a little play park inside the Zoo that girls of course wanted to play upon. There was an old airplane that was turned into a slide. This was pretty cool. Sophia was not sure about it at first. She has some little fear of slides. She would rather swing on the swings. But, Lydia, on the other hand has no fear and was ready to climb and slide down. She climed up with Papa and slid down all by herself. Well, this encouraged Sophia to try too. But, she wanted Papa to go down with her all they way down the slide.

After the Zoo, we met Ruben for some shopping. There were several things that I wanted to get while in Mexico. One of them being some Turquiose and silver. It is much less expensive to buy that here in Mexico than in the States. A gentlemen told us about it while at the airport. We also wanted to by Ric a Mexican shirt call --Guadabara ---Ruben had been wearing some of the shirts and they looked nice.
I did not find my jewelry yet, but we did find a shirt for Ric! I love it! It is black with some nice embroidery on the front. He looks really handsome in it! Whistle whistle! We also found a cute little mexican dress for Sophia.
However, I did find one thing that I wanted. I had forgotten to tell you about the Hammicas! These are Hammocks! Mostly all the Yucatans sleep in these instead of beds. They are little off the ground and are a bit more airrated than beds. Because it is hot and humid there, it is more comfortable to sleep in these. Well, we tried out Ruben's Hammica which was in his room and also the Hammicas that were in the beach house. It was very comfortable. I was a little skeptical at first, but then when I laid in one, I was completely comfortable and relaxed. So, I had to have one! We were able to find one in the downtown Merida for a decent price. My Hammica is pink!!! Sophia helped me pick out the color!

After shopping in the downtown area of Merida, Ruben dropped us off at the Mall for a few hours while he had to go to a meeting. We did not buy anything there except for a coffee and some more ice-cream. Sophia slept most of the time, while Lydia was awake. Ruben picked us up and then we went back to the house for a light dinner. Lydia had fallen asleep on the way home and was out for the rest of the night. I put her to bed and Sophia and I ate some dinner and talked with Ruben's sister Anna Bella. Ruben and Ric went out for a night on the town. Ruben wanted to show him some a few places. They had a few beers and enjoyed visiting with one another. It was good for them to have that time together. Sophia and I went to bed around 10am---as we needed to get some rest. Tomorrow we wake at 5am for a 6am departure to Chichén Itzá---the Mayan Temple.
I realized that I hadn't properly introduced you to the Dominguez family! They are such a wonderful family and we were so blessed by their hospitality.
Ruben was Ric's roommate in the states for two weeks. Ruben was an exchange student in Ric's hometown in high-school and he apparantly needed a place to stay for at least two weeks. He stayed with the Komarek family. Ric and Ruben both wished that it had been longer. However, they stayed in touch for all these years and have become good friends.
Ruben's Father Senor Ruben Dominguez is a Doctor --an Internist. He speaks a little English. We did not see him too much because he was busy working. But, he is very very nice!
Ruben's Mother Senora Aida Dominguez was a Dentist, but stayed at home when they had children. She does not speak English, except for a few words. She is very hospitable and a great cook. She is so sweet and loves to be with the girls.
Ruben's Sister Senorita Anna Isabella Dominguez is a dentist and training to become specialized in orthodontics. She speaks English well. She was also an exchange student in Alaska. She has also been a nanny in France and speaks French very well too. She is very sweet and was great with the girls. I enjoyed visiting with her late Friday night. She reminds me a little of Ric's sister Suzy. I hope that she will come to our home someday in the states for a visit.
Ruben also has a brother Randy, but we only met Ruben's brother briefly in Playa De Carmen

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