Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are you getting the proper amount of laugther each day?

Are you getting the proper amount of laughter each day?
Laughter is nature's stressbuster you know! It is healing!
As I "Googled" or maybe "Giggled" (hee hee) Laughter, there were many sites about laughter. And a few of them I just had to laugh of how extreme one can take laughter. There was Laughter yoga, Laugther School,Laughter remedy...it goes on and on. I was quite amused.
But, the real reason I chuckle today is that I came to a point that I needed to. I asked God to bring me joy in every situation, because I was filling up with stress and anxiety and bubbling over with fustration. I am a mom of two girls, 4 years old and 16 months. That alone can explain reason for my daily fustrations. I am kept busy. Well, to not drag the many stories into this blog, I was worn out and tired. I began to pray to God for joy in my heart towards my girls. And, you know, God does answer prayer. Because today, I experienced joy. I experienced laughter...in what could be a typical stressful situation.
It began in the morning with Sophia wetting the bed and we were late to preschool. It was grocery shopping next and then quickly back home to get my house prepared. Because at about noon-time I would be watching a total of six kids ages 5 years old and under; 4 boys and my 2 girls. I told a few of my friends "yes" to watching their boys....it was a last minute emergency desperation plea from them...so, I could bear to not let them down. I could not say No, because I have been in those situations plenty of times myself.
Well, my floors were completley dirty but, I decided that it was not worth it to clean them since we were to be having boys over. Am I saying that boys are messy? Yes!
While shopping, Lydia decided to sing...but, in her high soprano voice. I had to cringe a few times, but thankfully, I kept cool and decided to sing along. That was a lot more fun and we both had a few laughs together.
We came home and I got Lydia out of the car. She ran over to our neighbors house and disappeared into their garage, while I quickly carried groceries into the house. The phone rang, I ignored it, the doorbell rang (my door was wide open) and there stood two ladies handing out pamphets "to everyone in the world" they claimed. Nicley, I refused the pamphlet, otherwise it would become recycle material and I ran over to the neighbors house to find Lydia. Huffing and puffing, I about arrived at their garage, when out comes Lydia riding a quad. She had the biggest smile on her face and she was so proud. I could not help but just laugh at that moment and decided to forget about my dirty house, but rather just have some laugh time with Lydia. What a squirt. I realized then that God had answered my prayer. There were many incidents that I could have broke down in rage, but rather I was able to sing along, or play with those situations in joy. This made the rest of my day easier as I was about to encounter 6 little kids soon. And, believe it or not, our time went smoothly. I was truly amazed by the end of today all I could do was give praise to God. Now, yes I am extremley tired, but I am filled with joy too. I think I may have even fell asleep with a smile.

Humor and laughter make a significant contribution to both your physical and mental health. Learning to adopt a lighter attitude and see the funny side of everyday situations gives you the resilience you need to cope on the tough days.

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